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7 Thoughts to Live with Your Soul On Fire

Dear Conscious One,

Live with your soul on fire!

Glorious Awaken: Wake up in a state of high glory of your own magnificence and that of this beautiful world.

Walking Awake: Live in a waking dream state. If you have a dream to live then walk in the world as though your dream is unfolding and so it is. Do what is ONLY yours to do. Don’t listen to crowd for goodness sake, just don’t do that. Choose music over the noise of the crowd. Here is the definition of crowd:

{|kroud| a large number of people gathered together, typically in a disorganized or unruly way: a huge crowd gathered in the street outside.}

Communion: Find your tribe – This is your commune– ity. This is the cure for anything and everything that ails you and everything that wants to be birthed by you. Find your tribe and you’ll also find a doula to help you give birth.

Diversify: Move out of your comfort zone with your artistry. Keep true to your essence but not to your structures. Find diverse people, lands, books, music, food, thinking, politics, and religions; allowing yourself to be expanded by them. Learn something new of this world and and of yourself.

Agape: Give great love. Which means let the offenses of others go. Should someone cut you off driving, steal your parking space, eat the last of the cake, feel free to take it as a sign that they did you favor. You don’t know what that favor is. Yet.

Holy moments: Walk in silence in nature. You are an artist. An engineer, a poet, a teacher, a mother, a janitor = Artist When you are being and doing you with great attention that makes you an artist. Artist need time to be with nature. Artistry needs time to be silent with itself. In silence with your nature being reflected from the natural world you will come to know yourself in new and glorious ways.

Irreverence: Laugh. Get with the tribe that doens’t take it all too seriously and laugh so hard you talk about it for years.



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