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A Winter’s Note

Flash in the night

On a winter’s day when the Thunderbeings have made themselves known. They send a message that cannot be denied even if I am unable to transcribe it I’ve heard it’s call.

I can hear the crackling of the soul.

The pain where the wind creeps into us tells us who has the power, truly.

Summer makes me feel strong and there is a dance of liberation.

Fall makes me honor the earth and keeps me humble as I celebrate the fall of leaves and new beginnings.

But winter – oh winter.

Winter is dark and hard and it calls me to love fiercely to warm my heart and the souls of other.

It tells me to cling to life and those I love.

Winter rearranges my perspective as I watch my flowers humble closer to the earth.

I wrap myself in a sacred shawl, one I’ve worn many times, to smell the sage hidden in the dirty fibers.

The scent keeps me focused on the prayer of life.

Today as my second mother goes into surgery for her heart I thank this beautiful world ,this cold winter day, for all the lives I’ve had. For all love I’ve shared.

I regret the love I’ve ignored.

Today I bless this woman and she asks for life from the wind surfing over her body asking her, “really, do you want this life with it’s warmth and it’s cold?”

You have your own Winter don’t you, Blessed One?

It may come under strong sun or an autumn sunset. Winter is not cruel. It is not a test. It is a time to honor that which is hard but will not perish us. It does not require strength or courage. It ask only for surrender.


~ I am Melanie. And I am #DarkDangerous&Beautiful



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  • Cynthia Sumner

    Oh my dear. I’m hearing your voice speaking through my heart to my soul and my eyes are welling up. I am so looking forward to deepening this connection and seeing more of this “you-ness” out in the world! And BTW, thanks, I needed that.

    • Melanie DewBerry

      oh Cynthia, you are dear. Thank you for your kind words. My apologies for the late reply