(650) 346-3581 (PST)courage@melaniedewberry.comIt’s a real world. It’s time to be real in it.

I Believe We Belong to One Another.

Transformation isn’t certain. It’s desired.

It’s a mudslinging brawl where your soul wins.

Melanie is a Spiritual Teacher, Mentor Coach and Author.

Like you I have many stories that shaped who I would become.  Some of those stories are painful and gave me scars. Others stories gave me hope, love and dignity.

And while I sought healing I also sought to know myself beyond this. I knew in my soul that I was more than how others saw me.

I was, I am a child of God.

These first years taught me well to turn toward love. I would have scars, yes, and I would heal. Love would heal me.

As I aged I sought to grow. Looking for an elder to show me a new path toward, Love, God, and The Great Mystery, I was introduced to a Klinkit (Alaskan Native American) elder who ushered me down the Red Road (Native American spirituality).

He was a tough old bird. He taught that belonging, to all that is, carries no shortcuts. There would be no spiritual tourism. I would learn the traditional was of the Lakota people. I would honor these ways, myself and this Universe with a growing wisdom, love and care for all humanity.

I have been on this path for over twenty five years and as all the wise elders on this path say: It’s not always easy but it is good.

I bring my wisdom from my indigenous experience to the contemporary world. I blend these ancient insights with my intuitive gifts and twenty years of coaching to those, like me, looking for an elder to mentor them.

I believe life here is a precious gift to expand and enjoy.


I offer no simple solutions. No five steps to anything.


There is real spiritual work to do and it can be joyous and hard and it will always be real with real results.

I’ll make a deal with you.


Own your magnificence without disclaimer or hyperbole.

Be willing to dig deep to root yourself as a spiritual being; taking no shortcut (they don’t work).

Honor your self with the grace and kindness you give to others.

Stand in your authority and give your art a chance.


I’ll meet you in person to hear everything your soul has been saying.

I’ll show you your inner obstacles so you can move through them.

Together will open up the window of your soul to love and ground you in the love of Self.

I am in the business of cultivating your divine wisdom

This work is practical, down to earth, and carries certain freedom.

No one else gets to name you.

Name yourself.

Live your divine calling.

Life is precious!

Join your tribe. Cozy up. Pull up a seat. Read. Absorb. Transform. Laugh. Grow.
My Welcome Gift Especially for You: A Preview of the Soul Naming Kit, Yours FREE!

What else?

I am the woman who will coach you to be with you as you take the deep dive into your soul’s knowing and come out whole, integrated and yes joyous.

I coach people to never negotiate their purpose or their person.

I love easily. I speak on Belonging. Laughter is my friend. I have a big capacity to hold your process and certain evolution.

You can find me on the TEDx stage, speaking at conferences, working in coffee shops and in nature (my church) talking to trees.

I have been a senior leader trainer for The Coaches Training Institute across North America and inside penitentiaries and state prisons.

I co-created choice Magazine for professional coaches and was a long-time contributing writer for its wildly popular column, The Soul of Coaching.

Not so recently… I studied Asian Economic Development and Political Risk and earned my Masters degree while on location in China.

My Native American background influences my spiritual perspective so the backdrop for all my work is informed by that cosmology. I believe Community trumps Team Building every time. Love trumps Bravado. Depth smashes Superficiality to ‘peaces’ and Humility puts Ego in its place. With the Universe as your teacher, you learn the courage to be who you are without apology. Cool, right?

Feeling Grateful

Equal parts of being deeply blessed and deeply grateful.

Once upon a time I soiled a relationship with a business contact. He told me, “When someone treats you like gold, don’t treat them like brass.” I never forgot how that resonated with me. My father passed when I was ten years old. Both those experiences taught me to be sure to tell folks in the moment I love them. Here it goes:

Thank you for loving me, Laura Whitworth. Here I was this unknown entity taking your coaching class in 1997. You were Laura Whitworth! Co-creator of the Coaches Training Institute. I was in awe.

When you pulled me aside after the course – not to ask but to tell me to audition to be a Leader – I didn’t even know what you were talking about. But it was you, so I did.

You launched me on a path so much greater than simply leading for CTI as an ever-transforming human being. Your work to bring coaching to the prisons was so compelling; I stepped over my fears to co-lead the trainings. We hissed more than once over the course of our relationship but we always remained mentor and student. Though you’re gone from the earth, I think of you often. I love you. Thank you.

Who would have ever thought that a fiery brown girl would hook up with the nerdiest not-so-brown boy? Oh, the Gods had plans for us. Brian, my lover and husband, you truly are my guide to happiness. Though you never see dirt in the kitchen, you never see my flaws either. Phew! No matter who I’ve been, you’ve stood by me. Fun isn’t it? Us, now. It’s so fun and easy and full of love. I so thank you supporting me in starting choice Magazine when I hadn’t a clue what I was doing and for being on this journey with me.

In Her Image Photography, dang, girls, your passion is unbounded. I give you Tara and Heidi. You’re not just photographers, you are alchemists. Through your photos you show us women what to love about ourselves is more than just our looks. You capture our soulfulness and inner beauty. I had to give you both a shout out to make sure everyone knows there are photographers that make you feel so loved, graceful and beautiful in the process of taking your picture that it shows up in the photo. Thank you, my loves.

Team Amanda Winn:

Amanda Winn, team lead business hottie of Wholehearted Business Development, How does your garden grow my friend? So much grace and kindness extended to me. Her repeating line to me was, “This has to be done the way you want, Melanie. It has to be perfect for you.”

Ooh baby, baby, thank you all for being the great surgeons of my site. When Amanda and I first met, my website hurt it was so ugly. I felt sore from being burned by others and needed relief. It was painless with the Wholehearted Business Development team. Every turn unexpected. Brilliance popped forth and exploded on my website. I want to do it again!