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Dark, Dangerous & Beautiful

Soul on Fire 9-month Spiritual Immersion

Attention to those spiritual practitioners, men and women who want,
once and for all, to be
fully “here” on this Earth
in mind, body & spirit…


  • Have you been walking the spiritual path alone?

  • Maybe you’re a healer, coach, shaman, energy worker or someone who wants to get closer to your version of God
  • Looking for a deeper dive into spirituality to support your own growth or that of your clients?

  • Are you ready to grow your spiritual practice and being truly transformed with others who get what you say?

  • Have your choices been sucking the life out of you?

Walk with me on the path of owning your Original Medicine  and Your Original Story.

Return to your indigenous nature.

Let’s meet in Albuquerque, near my Native elders and start with an Indigenous Ceremony to ground and connect us

Count all these as blessings, My Dear.

You have conscious raising work to do. Let’s do our work in communion.

Together, we will cultivate our innate wisdom, discover how pervasive the ego is (what I have to share will blow your mind)

I created this 9-month spiritual uprising to honor you and address these issues. It’s my calling to help women and men like you to expand your consciousness and together we will aid in the shifting of a global consciousness.

What I am about to share with you can literally transform you into a deeply spiritual yet grounded individual who knows her/his place in this world and lives life in a confident state of self-security and connection. It’s my Dark, Dangerous & Beautiful program.

9 Months of Spiritual Uprising

This spiritual immersion will uncover Your Dark, Dangerous and Beautiful nature with a tribe of like-minded souls ready to count themselves as THE blessings in their lives.

Why Dark, Dangerous & Beautiful?

Dark – This is where you’ve hidden your jewels. These are the aspects of you that make you the blessing you are. This program will help you uncover your gems and your jeweled nature.

Dangerous – This is what you protect. We each carry a daring ability to love into being and protect/hold/carry with us that which must never perish. I, Melanie, am the protector of Beauty, of Truth and of Love. In this program, you will discover what you stand for.

Beautiful – This is your beauty and the beauty of this universe, which are forever tied. It’s time to live in your unfolding unique beauty, to never negotiate your beauty away for some frivolous thing like fitting in. In this program, you will uncover how to embrace your belonging so your soul can shine.

Why We Gather

Gathering in-person is an important part of this program. We gather to…

  • Know ourselves through each other
  • Feel loved by one another without the cover of perfection
  • Belong to one another
  • Be brave – together
  • Shed old skin
  • Step into new beginnings
  • Create space for ritual and spiritual development
  • Inhabit our organic nature
  • Call forth, witness and bless our unique nature The goal?

Complete Authenticity, Freedom, and Soul Love.

Who Should Gather For This Spiritual Immersion?

We are spiritual men and women who:

  • Are emotionally and spiritually mature
  • Accept the invitation to be here on this earth, in this universe
  • Are willing to be done with the ego and move about a life on their soul terms
  • Know the tremendous value to a spiritual path
  • Are willing to fully belong to a community
  • Want to put out of commission what scares them away from their brilliance
  • Are ready to be seen
  • Are willing to be imperfect and go forth
  • Are ready to fall in love with their vulnerabilities
  • Want to create rituals and practices for their continued spiritual development Are SOULS ON FIRE!

How We Gather

This Spiritual Immersion was designed to give you an incredible transformation in 9 months. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Two In-person Retreats – We gather at the start in April and again when we conclude in November together in a beautiful organic Inn in New Mexico to nourish your soul, to commune with liked-minded souls and to kick some serious ass. Near my elders, you will be welcomed to attend a sweat lodge and cleanse your palate. In-person retreats will be held April 29, – May 1st and Mid February, 2017 in Albuquerque, NM at Los Poblanos Organic Inn. All other sessions will be via the web conference or phone.
  • 2 Monthly Group Calls – We meet together as a group via conference call twice a month for 1-1.5 hours each. Each month has a specific theme and focus to guide you on this spiritual transformation. We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 8:00 AM PST / 9:00 AM MST / 10:00 AM CST / 11:00 AM EST (calls will be recorded for those who are unable to attend at the time of the calls).
  • Private Coaching Sessions – Every participant receives one private phone session a month with me, Melanie, to ensure you get the private support you need to evolve your spiritual process.
  • Ongoing Email Support – I am here to support your spiritual evolution, and am therefore available to you throughout the entire program for additional email support.

Dark, Dangerous & Beautiful is led by me, Melanie DewBerry, a carrier of the fire, a soul instigator. I will guide you in some of the most relevant and intoxicating discussions you’ve ever experienced. In communion with 15 others, you will exfoliate the barnacles of the ego and walk your walk of enlightenment.

NOTE: This program is limited to the first 15 people who sign up. I keep these groups small and intimate so our connections and experiences will be deeper.

Will You Be Dark, Dangerous & Beautiful?

Dear One, spiritual growth is better with the right tribe.

  • What won’t you do to be free?
  • Are you ready to live with your soul on fire?
  • Are you ready to be seen and valued? Are you ready to be nestled in an intimate group of 15 others who are ready to spiritually transform with you?

If you feel a YES emerging in you, let’s set up a time to chat in order to explore whether you may be a right fit for this program.

To Claim Your Authentic Soul Self Now, Click Here to Schedule a Call With Me.

If you are “leaning in” but want to learn more, join me for my free webinar, The Path of Love: Belonging and Freedom, You will get a taste of the curriculum from the 9-month Spiritual Immersion as well as the opportunity to learn more and get your questions answered.

Who is Melanie?

I am Melanie, and I am a spiritual teacher, twice-certified coach, a TEDx speaker and an author. Like you, I am a soul seeker and a lover of life. I have lived by the teachings of my Native American elders for over 25 years, and I weave my Native wisdom into all of my work.

My life turned around in my mid thirties when I met my elders. Before the ceremonial way of life, I struggled to be seen and understood and I worked hard to fit in. I am a right brain-dominant, highly intuitive woman, and I found myself living in a world that wanted linear-ism. Fortunately my elders showed me a different path.

Now, I work with the medicine of the Thunder Beings. I intuitively “hear” your obstacles and your unique medicine (a.k.a your blessings). I work from the wisdom of my ancestors, upholding their ancient truths and insights, which have become my poetry of life and rituals. This is the medicine that I bring to the world.

My former coaching clients have called me a Truth Teller or Seer. I am those things and more. My medicine and my purpose is to support you in remembering your soul’s story of you. This linear world can be hard to navigate alone and we can easily begin to believe the information that is given to us even though it is not our truth. I will help you remember Your Truth and live Your Unique Medicine.

Still Want More of a Flavor For What You’ll Get in This Program?

Here’s a little more to wet your appetite, and there’s so much more where this came from:

  • Learn how to expand your consciousness with 7 Sacred Words, so you can collage yourself in the language of your higher consciousness and construct a new vocabulary of resonance.
  • Discover Your Original Medicine and its medicinal properties.
  • Receive your own Archetypal Naming. Learn to brand your soul, claim your identity, and work your genius.
  • Learn the path of Soul Determination.
  • Receive an initiation into Your One Circle of Wisdom.
  • Uncover the Shield, Sword, Island and Mask you are using to protect yourself, so that you won’t feel vulnerable, and then learn how to free your jeweled nature so you are no longer locking yourself away.
  • Discover the art of being your own Fire-Keeper, so you can keep the fire within you burning bright.
  • Find and speak in your original voice, the one you had before people told you otherwise.
  • Be powered by your Original Story™ and your Original Medicine™.
  • Experience numerous Spiritual Practices, such as:
    • Learning and walking into the beauty way
    • Actively participating in creating blessings
    • Daily guided meditations
    • Guided visualizations
    • Smudging ceremonies
    • Constructing your own soul alter
    • Counseling with wise elders

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