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Forge intimacy with the help of destruction


rain1There isn’t a season I don’t love, though I have to say Winter and Fall are my favorites.

I pay attention to the songs of the weather. Frigid temperatures, gusty winds and drenching rain daring us to try to continue as usual. Daring us to take it on and often humbling us to respect its need to be chaotic for the purpose of reorientation and restoration

More pervasive in the winter months is the destruction it offers. When mother nature uproots us. Uprooting what is familiar can be painful. It often requires deep grieving to let go.

Spiritual Destruction
Use these months to destroy your yesteryear identity, behaviors that keep you from being who you are today. Uproot yourself from relationships that are without care of your soul.
Wrestle, pin down for the count that which stunts your emotional and spiritual growth.

Destruction how you imagine your world
Destruction is the curator of imagination, of creation. At the very least let go of attachment to your belief about it.

Destruction has it purpose in your life. It doesn’t always feel good – initially.
Destruction must happen for it nurture creative thinking, community, and a final surrender to starting anew.

Forge intimacy
Be honest about how you may limit others. Recycle your limits and withholding.  Purposely fashion more intimacy. Intimacy forges closeness. It breaks down the walls of false protection. Intimacy is, no, equals the safety we all seek.

What obstacles within you forbid it? What craving have your forgotten?

I leave it to you to discern what the winter months wants with you but know that which must die will take you with it if you don’t let go. Whatever it is….

Surrender to the winter within.

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