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How do I find my purpose in life?

I get asked this question often and my reply is always the same:

Your purpose is to love and be loved. Period.

When you love yourself the way others love you (and ignore the fools that don’t) your life radically changes. It simplifies. It disrupts the noise of silly questions like finding one’s purpose.

Your purpose is to love and be loved.what-is-love

I understand the fundamental desire to live on purpose but the searching is backward thinking. Lived as a loved one.

As you live into love, should there be a specific form for your expression of love it will show itself in all ways, all the time to you. You’ll get hit with the 2×4 of notices of “do more of this in the world!”

So, please, My Loves, let go of searching for your purpose. Accept the love you are receiving and turn it inward. Walk with the confidence of being loved in your stride.

Know the boundaries of what self love gives you. Know it’s character for you;. Know it’s language for and speak only it. Know love’s uncompromising sense of itself and live an uncompromisable you. Know it’s beliefs it’s actions and be and do only that.

And then, you will be on purpose forever more.









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