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don't hate your life I saw a post similar to this photo and my heart crumbled.

What the hell I am I really doing?

Am I making a difference I asked between the tears.

What the hell am I giving? How can I help I wondered.

How far is my reach?

What am I concerned about?

What am I trying to prove?

Blogging, speaking, writing – and everyone tells me to chase the f’in numbers, sell, sell, sell, produce shit for sale. NO!

All I will ever be is someone who helps others reach toward the heart, the hand the being of another and say “I will care for you”.  (oh and just as I was typing this last line an African elder walked into the cafe where I am working and reached out to grab my hand with a smile and say hello. I’ve never seen him before. Yusef, thank you).

All I have is a dream and deep love for humannity.

Oh, and now I have a new perspective and a new friend

I have to go Yusef and I are now having coffee. Oh and he’s from Senegal.

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