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Singer Karen Drucker Help Me Say No

In my last newsletter I wrote about saying no becasue I was going crazy. I mean it was all good but I can only do so much.

I came down with a HUGE fatigue because of the overwhelm and then a dear soul Karen Drucker, spiritual down to earth right on the money singer, sent me her song  N-O is My Yes!

Enjoy some liberaton.

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  • Rick Hamrick

    Melanie, I was deeply moved by your passionate, nearly overcome interview with Patti Digh. That’s not quite right: you were overcome, and you went with it and came out the other side, asking Patii what SHE needed. The message Karen delivers in this song is important, too. In fact, it feels to me that this was the wisdom which helped you completely open up (I was in tears through much of the interview) while, amazingly, coming right back to the purpose of the interview. I love you, Melanie.

    • Melanie DewBerry

      Rick, I apologize for the very delayed response. I’ve been absent on my blog. Thank you much for you love here. I welcome you inside my heart and I send you my love. Please stay in touch with me. xoxoxo