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Brand your soul. Claim your identity.
Work your genius.

Is this you?

  • Are you a bit of misfit, a rebel, a color-outside-the-lines kind of person that finds it difficult to talk about what you do.
  • Know that your soul has something to say about how you do business?
  • Wondering how to blend spirituality into your brand and business?
  • Want to speak intelligently, grounded and with soul.
  • You’re exiting the corporate world and you can’t figure out how to present your new work.

And, with your work

  • You provide several services but don’t have a concise way to speak about it.
  • When you are asked about your work you sound more like you’re convincing rather than inviting them to buy your products and services.
  • Your confidence is feeling compromised.
  • You want more authenticity in how you present yourself.
  • You are bored with corporate speak and canned pitches.
  • You’re ready to be fully seen.

Stop the mental spinning.
Speak from Your Soul.

Be Named. Be Known. Be Real.

Feed your soul with uncompromising, uplifting, truth telling, client resonating, income growing naming.

Tripping over your tongue about what you say at networking events?

Doubting your elevator pitch?

Or has your work shifted and you can’t find a way to
speak fluidly and confidently about it?

Let me take that burden off your shoulders.
Soul Naming is an archetypal language that captures the languaging of your work effortlessly.

Join your tribe. Cozy up. Pull up a seat. Read. Absorb. Transform. Laugh. Grow.
My Welcome Gift Especially for You: A Preview of the Soul Naming Kit, Yours FREE!

Soul Naming is:

  • All about you. You speak. I listen. I hear your soul speaking too. It’s so cool. Read on …
  • I listen to what your soul is calling you.
  • I give you the language that speaks for you. This is language that is aligned with your purpose and identity.
  • You have a voice in the matter. You have a real down to earth soulful voice that wants to speak for your business. No more negotiating how you talk trying to make it safe but never really speaking your deepest truth. Your truth is safety.
  • Let yourself be free of the boxes, rules and fears.
  • There is a languaging that speaks for you and to your clients that works on your website, at networking events and even in elevator pitches.
  • Let your soul, your truth be your ally. Hungry? Keep reading …
  • There’s nothing canned about your soul. Speak freely.
  • Know your Why? Your purpose. Work from there and make the income you deserve from your soul without selling out.
  • I love working with the misfits and rebels doing something unique, invested in making a difference and conscious about how you do what you do. You’re not rebelling, not really, your part of the transformation. You fit. You belong. You Transform.
  • But you struggle with how to articulate what you do. You’ll say it ten different ways. Each time losing your confidence and your audience
  • You’ve had to trust your guts, allowed your raw intuition to guide you, and venture into ‘til-now unexplored territories on this righteous journey of yours.
  • What does your gut say to you about Soul Naming? I don’t have to sell you. Trust your intuition. But don’t second guess. Delete excuses and listen to your truth.
  • Soul Naming is a poetic, straightforward, higher consciousness, languaging that integrates all of your services.
  • Soul Naming is marketing with consciousness. Make profit while being on purpose and feel clean about it.
  • I name you. I give you language to speak about your services and products.
  • It’s unique to you and resonates with your clients.

Why Me?

  • I heard what hate could sound like and I wondered what love sounded like. My destiny was set at age nine. As a coach I wondered how to make love relevant, accepted and spoken in business.
  • Seventeen years of coaching and I’m happy to share…I’ve worked with hundreds on languaging love and consciousness in business.
  • I became a speaker because I knew how to reach people verbally. Consciousness. Wisdom. Love. In business.
  • And, I love the troublemakers of the world. Those folks that are unconventional transformers on the edge of what’s needed and what’s new.
  • You see, I’m a wordologist. A language enthusiast. A Conscious Soul Language Mama. And I will name you. I will give you language that speaks beauty, truth and accuracy in to the world. You can speak with conviction, credibility, believe ability…and you will own your power like never before. And your clients will say yes when you speak.
Let’s connect, shall we? Enter your email here. It’s time to be seen.
My Welcome Gift Especially for You: A Preview of the Soul Naming Kit, Yours FREE!

A Soul Naming Session includes…

  • Names that effortlessly encapsulate you, what you do, AND your product or service.
  • Words, symbols, and metaphors that will resonate with your clients — yours to use throughout your brand’s marketing and PR, pitches, event bios, and website.
  • A beautifully customized document capturing your soul language — yours to have and to hold.
  • A Soul Naming Follow Up ‘N’ Implement workbook to keep you moving forward.
  • The courage to step up and show up in the world as your heartfelt self, confident in the value that you provide to your people.

What you’ll really walk away with is a self knowing confidence that you can clearly and concisely articulate about the love and brilliance you’ll give to your clients.

Each day you don’t speak your brand into the world is a day we miss out on what you have.

Costs: $2500

Book your session and get on with your work in the world

Want Proof? Listen to my TEDx talk on the Power of Naming.

They Say:

  • Melanie’s Verbal Swagger process rocks! She is the soul whisperer, intuitively pulling out the words that powerfully describe your soul essence, making your life’s work ring with joy and feel more like YOU. A single call with her got my engines running and my heart throbbing with a new sense of my work. If you want to powerfully capture the heart and soul of your life’s work, work with Melanie now.

    Veronica Conway
    Veronica ConwayGiving Leaders Their Super Powers
  • Yee-haw, you rock, girl! Melanie is amazing. We throw that word around a lot, but in the Verbal Swagger work, I mean it literally. She amazed and astounded me. Be aware that this deep listening may bring forth things you have only lightly danced with before now. Her naming of who you are creates new worlds to play in, so be ready.

    Ann Betz
    Ann BetzLyrical Poet of Consciousness
  • In my session, I was hoping for some snazzy words to spiff up my web copy. What I got was profound, no-nonsense, soul-level calling forth language. The language given me has pulled me into deeper ownership of my message, a willingness to claim my place as a voice to be heard, and a re-commitment to my business as an essential creative expression of my being. If you are serious about releasing the full soul potential of your business, work with Melanie.

    Sandi Davis
    Sandi DavisArtist of Sensuality
  • Melanie takes you through a powerful process to get to the very soul of your message. Not only did she name what I bring to my clients, she also helped me language the new direction I wanted to go with my business. I had been trying to find the right words to convey this new program for seven months and in one-hour she nailed. I can’t tell how good it felt to feel the resonance of those words.

    Mary Beth Shewan, MS, MCC
    Mary Beth Shewan, MS, MCCConscious Career Coach

Are you ready to be seen, to be known, to be paid?

You’re ready!