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Soul Revelations

Listen to Your God Within

I Need to Confess

Bromides & Creative Productivity

Being the Keeper of your Jeweled Nature

How You Talk about Yourself

Permission to be Who You Are



Own your Own Worth

I'm Sorry

Benevolent Boundaries

Standing In Your Authority

The 3%

Spiritual Tourism

Your Personal Economy

Why you aren't doing what you are here to do

Weeding the Mind

Opinion Piece

Tending to Your Fear

Fear Not

How to Love Yourself From the Hurts of Others

Scars, The Rite of Passage of Wisdom

Spiritual Orgasm

The Predator of Beauty

Letting Things Die

Admit Who Your Are

Staying on the Journey...


Instinctual Nature

Fatigue of Fear

Three Sacred Words to Revolutionize Your Live

When Your Life’s a Mess...