(650) 346-3581 (PST)courage@melaniedewberry.comIt’s a real world. It’s time to be real in it.

This is the Journey to Your Soul’s Identity

What promise to your soul are you ready to honor?

You are rising; re-emerging.

You know it’s time to deeply
listen to who you are becoming.


  • Want to meet & convene with your Council of Elders within.
  • Are walking a spiritual path and can sense there is a new you rising.
  • Are ready to stand in your Own Authority.
  • Are ready and willing to walk through the fire of transformation to the celebration of a joyous life awaiting you.

You have arrived at the place where
Love and Courage is ready to be Graced by your Soul.

The Journey to the Soul’s Identity

A blend of coaching and spiritual guidance.

It is about time to make it about you and your journey.

One on One. In Person.

There comes a time as we become wiser we become impatient with anything that is not real within. You know there is a deeper you. That you that does not negotiate nor compromise your voice, truth and Self Knowing. You are shedding conforming ways that have kept you from your Self. You’ve turned to every direction, perhaps in avoidance, perhaps in search of Self and now you are here; willing to move deeper in alignment with your soul.

You know who you are. You are not lost. You have been on your own spiritual path for a long time and there is a new you emerging. S/he is almost here. There is something more coming forward from within you and you could use spiritual support. You have a spiritual promise to yourself to fulfill.

What I “see” and “hear” is you. Your soul Self speaking, just beyond your own range of hearing. This is natural. We often cannot hear or see all of ourselves. I’m a “reader” and a “seer,” listening deeply between the words that you speak to unveil the you that is coming forward.

How we Work:

First, we meet on a 15-minute introductory call to discover if we are meant to work together. At the point of “Yes, let’s do this,” I send you an inquiry sheet for your completion and we schedule a 1.5-hour call.

During the second call, you share your story and I begin the listening that leads to customizing our time in New Mexico. I share how I work and together we design expectations and outcomes.

There will be pre-work for you to do before you arrive in New Mexico. We meet in Albuquerque, at the Los Poblanos Organic Lavender Farm. Here, swaddled in the beauty of the land and the peacocks that roam the property, on sacred land where the food we eat is grown, your spirit will open and your busy mind will quiet. This is the setting, the container of our work together. Undisturbed by the outside world, your body will relax, your heart is joyous and the soul recognizes its home. This is a benevolent place for a sacred experience.

When we meet:

You arrive in Albuquerque, New Mexico at Los Poblanos Organic Inn and Lavender Farm the day before we meet. I will already be onsite. Get comfortable and enjoy the beauty of this inn.

Our days are spacious by design. We meet in the morning (as agreed upon on our call) in my suite and begin our work. Because our work is customized, what we will do is known later. However, what you can expect is known now: breakthroughs and advances, complete seeing of Self, agreements on practices of self care that include language and relationship shifts, understanding and standing in your authority, defining your voice, clarity of the hows of your purpose, agreements on what you will do next, And clarifying grounding and spiritual practices as a way of life to support you.

Most of the work will be done by the two of us together, and there are some pieces for you to do alone. There is time for rest throughout the day. This is a unique and divine exploration and declaration of Self.

How I work with you

I only meet in person, in New Mexico. This is because our fundamental work is best accomplished through a personal relationship where everything is sacred and nothing can be hidden.

As a seer and a hearer, my intuition can sense patterns that no longer fit you, what your soul’s desires are for you, what is next and what is to be eliminated (weeded). I listen as you speak and at the same time absorb what you’ve not said that I am hearing or seeing. I am not psychic. I am highly intuitive. I hear you. I don’t forecast. I see what is.

Who is Melanie

Who I am, is a daughter of this Universe. I have learned from my Native American elders how to live in accordance with the elements; fire, earth, water and the sky. I have been on the Red Road (Native American spirituality) for over twenty four years. I have be taught how to live and communicate with these elements. I have always been highly intuitive. I bring my own Indigenous wisdom to the contemporary world in a way they can understand and apply for their soul advancement. I am grounded. I am an Elder.

For over twenty one years I have been a certified coach. I taught coaching, certified students and was supervisor for the six month coaching program for the Coaches Training Institute for ten years. I am the author of The Power of Naming, Your Soul’s Journey to Your Indigenous Nature, published in 2017 by Hay House. I am TEDx speaker in Vienna and Vancouver, an international keynote speaker. I am a co-founder of Choice magazine, as well as the columnist of The Soul of Coaching for Choice. I have a Masters degree in Asian Economic Development & Political Risk from Dominican University, San Rafael, CA (this is when I really tried to fit and be normal!).

What I believe about our work

  • This work is grounding and meant to forward your spiritual connection
  • That what you cultivate within is what you will experience externally
  • This work is not easy but it is good work
  • There is no magic wand, no six steps to this kind of depth
  • You can do this if you are willing

Holy is our work together

I show how to landscape your mind into the beautiful garden that is you. This is the “home” of your soul and the fertile ground of your vision that will manifest. This is evolutionary spiritual work:

  • You already know this and that is why you and I will work well together.
  • You’ve done the deep digging of your life.
  • You’ve healed most of the ways you were interrupted as a child by adults.
  • You are grounded.
  • You want deeper spiritual access.

This is your intention to support the making of your beautiful mind and the consistent manifestations of your visions.

What this is and is not:

This is deep diving, soulful work.
This is not some new age experience.

This is grounding work, my intuition and your soul communicating.
This is not for beginners. It’s best if you’ve already done your healing work and some spiritual development.

This is putting the finishing touches on an already beautiful statue.
This is not taking a ball of clay and creating a statue.

This is for people who know they are here to fully explore their gifts/talents/art/work and are ready to move forward.

I support an unearthing of your absolute soul knowing.

Journey Package 1

Two days in person with 2 months of follow-up coaching

Journey Package 2

Three days in Person with 5 months coaching

Transportation, hotel and meals (except breakfast) are not included. Payments can be arranged over time before. Full payment is required before we gather in New Mexico. 

Let’s talk about your truth.

Jennifer Lee Author, The Right Brain Business Plan

Melanie is a masterful coach who brings deep spirituality, dead-on intuition, and heartfelt love and joy to her work. Through coaching with Melanie she helped me claim my voice as a strong and creative feminine leader. She was also instrumental in helping me find the courage to make the leap from my corporate job and to finally pursue my passions. I highly recommend her if you’re ready to be called forth and held big!

Leslie Clark, Executive Leadership coach

Melanie is a grounded and thoughtful soul. With great instincts and deep wisdom, she is the person you want by your side or leading your team. Her innovative nature ensures that whatever she engages in will be managed with a fresh approach and good humor. If you’re looking for someone to wake you up to what really matters in life or to light a fire under a team in a way that will inspire action and bring out their best, Melanie is the one to call.

Maureen Shilling, Chief Financial Officer, Housing Trust Silicon Valley

We were fortunate to have Melanie DewBerry lead our recent senior management retreat.  Our group had never worked with a coach or visionary before.  Together with Melanie, we dug deeply into our common grounds and, more importantly, we sought to understand that which makes each of us different and unique.
Melanie was the perfect guide for this exercise.  Her insights were spot on and she crafted a day that left each of us on a high. We felt ready to collectively take on the many challenges of a growing and evolving organization.  Having left so energized, we then further engaged Melanie to lead our full staff retreat.
During our staff retreat time we did not discuss company goals and objectives, budgets and projections.  The focus again was on what makes each person unique, how we can truly appreciate the differences in each other and work together with a new level of respect and understanding.  Our staff all agreed that this was the best retreat we have ever had.  Melanie facilitated an environment in which each staff member felt heard and appreciated.  I highly recommend Melanie as a leader and facilitator.  We will definitely work with her again!