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Down to earth, practical, applicable conversations on consciousness in business and life.

At the completion of prayer of our Native American ceremony we say “Mitakuyase Oyasin” which means We are all related. It’s an incredible statement to declare. I believe we do belong to one another. When I take the stage it is to deliver a message of connection, love, growth and insight. And, we have to laugh.

Melanie speaks to engage audiences in the relevance of wisdom, courage and belonging.  She is a masterful storyteller that brings the fun and smart conversation to your event. She challenges the notion of belonging vs. fitting in, naming vs. titles and remembering our sacredness.

When Melanie takes the stage, attendees and conference organizers can count on a few things:

  • Surprisingly thought provoking topics
  • Listeners being challenged
  • Conversations with personal and professional relevance
  • Talks that cross all kinds of lines & boundaries resulting in “oh my goodness” awareness
  • Laughing out loud, more than few times.

Always inviting audience interaction, Melanie speaks poetic wisdom. As an attendee, you leave richer in spirit and joyous with laughter. And you will not only remember but also feel how we all belong to one another.

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“In her talk, “Languaging Consciousness”, Melanie DewBerry-Jones inspired our guests at TEDxPannonia 2013 with her keen awareness of how much power and influence words can and do have. Her talk offered passionate insights about integrating that kind of thinking into our everyday lives. Melanie is a powerful speaker not to be missed.”
– Hermann Gams, TEDx Curator

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