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The power of LOVE

   We’ll never find a better teacher than Love. Love teaches me without shame. It has me stay in relationships when I’d rather run away. When I find my clients boring, unwilling to move, grow or change, Love tugs at my ear, reminding me again to stop putting boxes around them. Love wipes the fog of judgment away from eyes, allowing me to see how my lack of vision for my clients stunts their growth — and mine. Instead of making them “wrong” with my limited vision, Love shows me how to witness their pain, struggles and efforts with compassion and grace. When I stifle my client, I stifle myself, and Love flees.

  In those precious few moments we have with our clients, we have the power to create an intimate cocoon and to bringing a higher love into the space. This action creates a life-sustaining force that grounds both client, coach, and serves as a beacon when either party looses them self to the chaos of the ego’s persuasive, self-indulgent chatter.

  One thing I know for sure and my coaching experiences support this: every person I have coached has shared with me, in one form or another, his or her desire for the freedom to love and be loved. To be truly loved — warts and all. Every client — be it doctor, lawyer, coach, financial planner, chef, parent, teen, inmate, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Native American, spiritual follower –wants the same thing: Love, pure and simple. And why not? It is the birthright of each and every one of us to love and be loved.





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