(650) 346-3581 (PST)courage@melaniedewberry.comIt’s a real world. It’s time to be real in it.

Women of Fire

3 days Intensive in beautiful New Mexico

Women in their 30’s looking for true grounding and are rule breakers

Women in their 40’s ready to confidently stand in their authority

Wise Women in their 50’s who refuse to douse their flames

Elder women of wisdom who need to speak it their truth……

You were never mean to do this work alone.

Come Be In Communion

You belong to each other. I belong to you.

Let’s get it done!


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It is about time for you to just stand in your authority and name yourself.

Your are prayer made into this world. Whatever you are here to bring, it’s needed now. I need you. I want to stand with you. At the fire we will bring your passion, your visions for you out in front. Shoulder to shoulder I will stand with you.

This call you will be invited to:

  • Dive into the your truth without disclaimer.
  • Admit you know what you are here to do and be.
  • Name the interruptions that separated you from yourself )and start to obliterate them.)
  • Design your stand and take it.

What you will receive

  • I will interact with a few participants using my highly intuitive seeing ability to download your directives.
  • Give you very grounded practices to support your Stand
  • Understand how a few sacred words can shift your energy (really truly)
  • Receive a blessing to carry you forward
  • Present the Women of Fire 3 day retreat offer

Your life is prayer of your own making
Who you are brings life to all of us
Walk with me

3 Days to build your FIRE

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If you are “leaning in” but want to learn more, join me for my free webinar, The Path of Love: Belonging and Freedom, You will get a taste of the curriculum from the 9-month Spiritual Immersion as well as the opportunity to learn more and get your questions answered.

Who is Melanie?

I am Melanie, and I am a spiritual teacher, twice-certified coach, a TEDx speaker and an author. Like you, I am a soul seeker and a lover of life. I have lived by the teachings of my Native American elders for over 25 years, and I weave my Native wisdom into all of my work.

My life turned around in my mid thirties when I met my elders. Before the ceremonial way of life, I struggled to be seen and understood and I worked hard to fit in. I am a right brain-dominant, highly intuitive woman, and I found myself living in a world that wanted linear-ism. Fortunately my elders showed me a different path.

Now, I work with the medicine of the Thunder Beings. I intuitively “hear” your obstacles and your unique medicine (a.k.a your blessings). I work from the wisdom of my ancestors, upholding their ancient truths and insights, which have become my poetry of life and rituals. This is the medicine that I bring to the world.

My former coaching clients have called me a Truth Teller or Seer. I am those things and more. My medicine and my purpose is to support you in remembering your soul’s story of you. This linear world can be hard to navigate alone and we can easily begin to believe the information that is given to us even though it is not our truth. I will help you remember Your Truth and live Your Unique Medicine.