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The Wisdom Salons food for your soul.

The Salons are designed to unlock your wisdom

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Wisdom Salon

When: Sunday, June 25, 2017

Topic: Conversation Starter:
Original Medicine

Where: Sacred Money Studios and
Prosperity Pie Shoppe

7814 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219

Time: 1:00-4:00 pm


Wisdom Salon

When: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Topic: Being a Wise Elder Step 1:
The Freedom of Self Forgiveness

Where: Albuquerque, NM
*private residence – address
emailed at the time of payment

Time: 1:00-4:00 pm

San Francisco Bay Area

Wisdom Salon

When: Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Where: Aili Ice Designs, 2363 Broadway, Redwood City, CA

Time:  5:30-7:30 pm

Fee:  $49 (via paypal courage@melaniedewberry.com)

What are Wisdom Salons?


Provocative in design we gather in small groups in an elegance, setting the context for thoughtful moments and connection.

These Salons give us the space and time to have authentic connection and genuine conversations without agenda.

Salon members come because they desire connection. Attendees have deep, deliberate, smart and lively conversations on the relevance and integration of consciousness and spirituality.

  • Small gatherings.
  • We gather to prompt personal introspection.
  • We come to be with each other and create community.
  • We are a grounded, authentic, kind, gathering of like minded folks who are living with purpose.
  • We are a diverse group in culture, backgrounds and careers. Men and women who are consultants, coaches, financiers, advertising execs, creators of green health products, child advocates, teachers, lawyers, artists and more have attended.


And together, what we really do is promote Love. Yes, Love.
Won’t you join us?

How do we Salon?

  • Upon arrival, you’re greeted with food and drink (because doesn’t the best conversation happen when these are present?)
  • Typically we meet on a Sunday from Noon-4:00pm every other month
  • Attendees gather around the table talking and getting to know each other. This is where the intimacy and safety begin.
  • The trust is formed during a group circle for introductions followed by setting an intention and context and offering a moment of silence for our time.
  • Melanie opens the conversation with a story relevant to the chosen topic.
  • We break up into smaller groups where you receive a question to discuss for 20-30 minutes.
  • There are about four questions asked that the smaller groups respond to. Each time a new question is posed, a new small group is formed so you can meet each question anew.
  • At the end of our time, we come together as the larger group to share our experience and feedback.
A little dose of Wisdom. A healthy dose of personal growth. Way too much vulnerability. Belong to like minded.
My Welcome Gift Especially for You: A Preview of the Soul Naming Kit, Yours FREE!

Aren’t you hungry for meaningful conversations? People who are easy to know, kind and oh yes brilliant? We who gather are. We salon. We spend a few hours to dive deep into conversations that matter, that make the difference.

My Wisdom Salons are designed to talk about provocative topics such as Wisdom or Presence, Courage and Consciousness.

What do we talk about?

Past topics include:

  • Wisdom
  • Presence
  • Who are you now? Our changing identities

Why we Salon?

I’m glad you asked.

  • Time with your tribe! You found them. People dedicated to transformation and making a difference.
  • Rich discussion about the soul at work, consciousness and spirituality.
  • A feeling of expansion.
  • Fun and enjoyment. You will have fun, trust me.

How can I Host a Salon?

I’d love to talk with you about that possibility.

Feel free to call me in California at (650) 346-3581 (PST)

Questions? Drop me an email @ salonhost@melaniedewberry.com

A host is someone:

  • Whose home can easily accommodate up to 22 people for roughly 5 hours.
  • Who is supportive of the kind of event and conversation the Salon fosters.
  • Has the space for food to be offered (purchased by Melanie).
  • Is gracious to unknown friends.
  • Would be willing to invite a few perfect guests and support Melanie in getting the word out.

What else about hosting do I need to know?

Hosts are not expected to pay for anything such as food or drink. My job, besides facilitating, is to make it an easy event for the host. I handle the logistics and any costs associated with the event. I do the clean up. Salons are planned 3 months in advance.

A gathering of the conscious and the spiritual.

We gather to know one another.

We gather for meaningful conversations.

We leave expanded and connected.


After attending two of these lovely Wisdom Salons, I feel disinclined to have conversations that consist mostly of small talk and pleasantries alone. I am hungry for deeper conversations and the space melanie offers, provides that sustenance. thank you!

Jennifer Lee Segale, Garden Apothecary

I love going to Melanie Dewberry’s Wisdom Salons. It’s refreshing to come together with people you don’t know and share an experience of in-depth, intimate and interesting conversation. After meeting in different smaller groups of people and sharing our opinions on the specific Wisdom Salon’s topic, it was fun to join again as a big group and hear the layers of thoughtfulness from everyone. You start out as complete strangers and you end up feeling like you have really made a connection with the group. I found the Salon connective, inclusive and fascinating. I wish I could attend a Salon every week – it’s a great chance to meet intriguing people and it completely takes you out of your day-to-day bubble, opening you up for something engaging and different.

Elizabeth Crouch, Wellness Advocate and Activist

Thanks to Melanie’s wise crafting of the Salon structure and her sense of lightness, it was a delight to quickly and deeply connect with the other Salon participants. I enjoyed the depth of thinking, feeling and belief excavation and experiencing the expansive collective wisdom.
Through her Wisdom Salons, Melanie provides a catalyst and crucible for trustworthy, lively engagement with diverse, fascinating people. I cherish that and look forward to meeting you at one of Melanie’s Wisdom Salons.

Join the community in which YOU BELONG

My Welcome Gift Especially for You: A Preview of the Soul Naming Kit, Yours FREE!