(650) 346-3581 (PST)courage@melaniedewberry.comIt’s a real world. It’s time to be real in it.

You are beautiful being with a holy gift that this world craves.
You want to bring yourself fully to this universe. Oh Goody!

Join the community in which YOU BELONG

You are here right where YOU BELONG.

Tell me, is this you:

  • Are you living a spiritual life but unclear how to be consistent?
  • Do you know you have something to share but it scares you or you don’t how to bring it out?
  • Do you jump into offering your work to the world and then run away from it believing it’s not safe to be fully you?
  • Do you have moments of feeling deeply connected and free but they flit away?
  • Are you alone in your spiritual development and desire community who get you?

Whew, I’m so glad. We’re going to work well together.
You don’t need more letters after your name to be validated.

Your desire and your soul’s story and gift are enough!
Let’s stop this second guessing madness and ground you in admitting that you have an incredible gift?

Come on let’s admit your glory and start this journey

I hope you want:

  • To experience the grounded, sacred, and beautiful human you are.
  • To include spirituality as part of your business platform.
  • Handle with the fear while we honor the sacred work or life you want to live.
  • To have more harmony, freedom and alignment once and for all.

There is no more time to waste.
You matter in this world. Your gift is sorely needed.
It is safe to be you. Safe to earning a living being you.
You Belong Here.

You’ve decided:

  • You can’t play safe anymore. (that never worked anyway)
  • You want to intergrate all you are and bring it to the world.
  • There is a new voice, a new you ready to emerge.
  • That you no longer can be contained by the life you’re in. It is done. You are not.
  • Money and you are ready to be great friends.

Allow me to walk this sacred journey with you.

Together we will be:

  • Undeterred
  • Wildly intuitive
  • Courageous enough to call it like it is, act as if it’s yours and do what is your work to do
  • Identifying your A-team support so you’re held in many ways as you move forward and deeper
  • Evolving your work, life and consciousness

I promise:

  • To help you remove your cloak of invisibility.
  • You will know your own depth and beauty.
  • You will learn to share your work in the most honest and refreshing way. Authenticity + integrity rule.
  • To create clean clear heart beat goals with small steps to have you achieve big success.
  • I will honor your vision with truth telling, compassion, and boldness all while reminding you who you are so you can be this new person.
  • To provide you with the very best from my experience in coaching hundreds of purposepreneurs

There is no more getting ready, my friend.
There is only the decision. Decision met by action.

You are done with playing nice and trying to fit your ideas into a language and a world that has no power and doesn’t truly represent your gifts.

I will help support your evolving consciousness and developing a high level of spiritual alignment to support your visions.